Deliver infusions, not paperwork.

Mandolin’s AI workers perform back office tasks directly within your EHR and are trained on millions of buy-and-bill datapoints, so you can make sure your infusion center operates at its peak.

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Our AI knows buy-and-bill better than anyone else, for any drug and payer.

Trained on all payer policies, financial assistance programs, and authorization forms.

Stays on top of documents and notes for every patient across all of your tools.

Executes any back office task sequentially from referral to infusion chair.

Zero training required.

Our AI works in the background inside of your existing EHR. Any tasks it can’t complete are escalated to a human.

Start small. Grow to your entire workflow.

Standardize tribal knowledge
and reduce your time-to-therapy.

110+ clinics use Mandolin.

Mandolin works with leading ambulatory infusion, home infusion, and outpatient clinics totaling 110+ clinic locations nationally.

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